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  1. Deep Moisture Body Butter
    Heavy Hydrator for dry skin
    Deep Moisture Body Butter
  2. Dead Sea Salt Dry Bath Salt
    Dead Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Essential Oil and/or Organic Fragrance Powder
    Dead Sea Salt Dry Bath Salt
  3. Hand Soap & Pump-able Lotion
    Soap & Lotion Duo
    Hand Soap & Pump-able Lotion
  4. Shaving Oil for men
    Get a smooth, close and rich shave and a moisturizer face!
    Shaving Oil for men
  5. Soy Candles
    custom scented
    Soy Candles
  6. Lip Balm
    Minty Vanilla
    Lip Balm
  7. Night Revival Eye Cream
    Soothing, protective, repairing, anti-aging
    Night Revival Eye Cream
  8. Aloe Rose Colloidal Facial Cream
    For Heavy Hydration
    Aloe Rose Colloidal Facial Cream
  9. Soy Aromatherapy Tart
    Scents vary
    Soy Aromatherapy Tart
  10. PH Balancing Facial Hydrator
    Can be used under makeup or alone for light moisture
    PH Balancing Facial Hydrator
  11. Lotion Bars
    Moisturized Hands wherever you go!
    Lotion Bars
  12. Summer Butter
    Light Hydrating whipped lotion (a lighter version of our Body Butter)
    Summer Butter
  13. Dead Sea Body Scrub
    Coconut Oil, Dead Sea Salt, Epsom Salt Organic Fragrance Oil and/or Essential Oils
    Dead Sea Body Scrub
  14. 4-in-1 Men's Face Cream
    Soothes, Protects, Hydrates, Balances
    4-in-1 Men's Face Cream
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