Best hairstyles for guys 2018


You are going to a hair salon to have your hair cut or you are bored with your current hairstyle and want to change to a new cool one? Are you wondering between elegant or sporty styles? Let’s check out the best hairstyles for guys 2018 to help you out.

  1. Pompadour – best hairstyles for guys

Pompadour is an all-time classic style that every guy like to cut. Originated from hairstyle of Madame de Pompadour, mistress of King Louis XV, this hairstyle now is still hot and has many variations and it is always in the list of most favorite hairstyle year by year.

You want your image is romantic and elegant then the classic Pompadour is exactly what you are looking for. Let the front hair part a little bit longer and use a hairbrush and hairdryer or mousse to make the hair into form.

Masculine male pompadour haircut.

If you like a sporty style you can let the front hair shorter and use more hair mousse

Pompadour Justin Bieber
Pompadour Justin Bieber.
  1. Caesar cut

Named after Julius Caesar, the Caesar cut is the style in which the hair is layered to around 2 to 5cm all over. If you are a busy man so this style is suitable because it requires no time for styling.

Caesar hairstyles for guys
Caesar hairstyles for guys.
Caesar cut hairstyle
Caesar cut hairstyle.
  1. The textured cut

Guys with thick hair will look best with this style. The top hair will be left longer than other parts and styled with styling paste to create texture.

Textured cut hairstyle for guys
Textured cut hairstyle for guys.
Textured hairstyle of movie star
Textured hairstyle of the movie star.
  1. Shoulder-length haircut

It’s not surprised why many stars like Brad Pitt, Johny Depp choose this hairstyle. This hairstyle requires your patience because it will take a long time to have a long hair. However, the result will not disappoint you.

Shoulder-length haircut
Shoulder-length haircut.
  1. Disconnected undercut

The cool young boys will not skip this hairstyle because of its very modern look. It is called “disconnected undercut” because there is no connection between the longer hair on the top with other sides. The transition from the short hair in two sides and the back to the long hair on top is abrupt.

Disconnected undercut hairstyle
Disconnected undercut hairstyle.
Disconnected undercut
Disconnected undercut


  1. Slicked back

The slicked back hairstyles for guys is suitable with many hair types and length. But you can not have this hairstyle without a hair product like gel or mousse.

Slicked back hairstyle for man
Slicked back hairstyle for man.
Slicked back hairstyle
Slicked back hairstyle.
  1. Buzzcut

This hairstyle is the most convenient hairstyle for guys because you will not have to spend time to take care of your hair. Simple but cool is the word for this hairstyle. To look cooler, you can try the faded buzz cut.

Buzzcut man's hairstyle
Buzzcut man’s hairstyle.
Buzzcut men's hairstyle
Buzzcut men’s hairstyle.
  1. Side part

Side part style is a classic hairstyle but it still has its stand now because of its fashionable look. For a formal event such as a wedding or an event, let’s try with glossy pomade to have an elegant look.

Side part
Side part.
Side part 2
Side part 2.


  1. Bun and top knot

Isn’t it cool if you look a man with a bun or top knot? If he also has a beard, it will make him adorable.

Bun and top knot
Bun and top knot.


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