How to Choose a Right Shampoo?


Choosing the right shampoo from the numerous types and brands in the market can be a daunting task. However, this should not be the case if the person has an idea what type of hair they have, its texture, and the purpose of the shampoo. Therefore when choosing a shampoo, a few facts should be put into consideration; the hair needs the hair type and texture.

Hair Needs and Purpose

Hair needs will vary from one individual to another, and the shampoo type too needed to clean the same.

Color treated hair shampoo: coloring the hair weakens the strands thus a shampoo that is mild should be put to use. This type of hair requires a shampoo that is free of sulfate and designed specifically for colored hair. The sulfate-free shampoos may not produce much surd lathers like their counterparts but nevertheless, they get the job done. Better still a shampoo that is meant to maintain the specific color can be identified to be used since they will deposit a similar color to the hair.

Choosing shampoo based on the hair’s needs
Choosing shampoo based on the hair’s needs.

Chemically treated, damaged and dry hair shampoo

Chemically treated or damaged hair requires more moisture treatment to feed the parched strands. Thus nourishing shampoos should be chosen to aid in the untangling, smoothing of the cuticles and hydrating the hair at the same time.

Damaged scalp

Scalps that are flaky require medicated shampoos that are purposefully made for that. This condition can probably be as a result of dandruff and thus choosing the right shampoo should be endeavored to aid in the prevention of the flaking.

Oily hair

Oily hair is as a result of a dry scalp which overcompensates by producing the excess oil and a mild shampoo that seeks to balance the scalp should be considered.

Choosing a shampoo depending on the hair texture and type

Normal to medium hair

Normal hair does not require any special shampoos and the user should just try to maintain moisture levels for shine, softness, and manageability. This will require a mild shampoo for a gentle cleansing, to avoid stripping the hair of the much-needed oils from the scalp. Such a shampoo should have vitamin A, C and E, wheat protein and white tea to provide stability to the hair base.

Choose the mild shampoo for short or medium hair
Choose the mild shampoo for short or medium hair.

Fine/thin hair

This type of hair requires volumizing yet lightweight shampoo that would help in texture addition and reinforcement. A shampoo with rosemary, lavender oil or lemongrass can be opted for since these properties promote hair growth, prevents hair loss as well as stimulating and balancing the scalp. Choosing a shampoo also that has nettle root extract is advised since it has an ingredient that reduces the hair loss causing hormone DHT as well as improving the scalps blood circulation.

Coarse and Kinky hair

Coarse or kinky hair needs more attention for it to stay shiny and manageable and thus getting the right product is key. Therefore, shampoos that are made to retain moisture are recommended and should have shea butter or glycerin. This type of a shampoo will cleanse the hair without stripping it off, its natural oils which are healthy.

Choose the right shampoo for a shiny hair
Choose the right shampoo for a shiny hair.

Thick Hair

This type of hair requires control to its volume levels while ensuring that moisture levels remain balanced. This means that a shampoo of choice should have moisturizing ingredients in the likes of soy protein, avocado oil, or macadamia oil to aid in sealing of the cuticle of the hair, control volume and hydrate the hair. This is because many strands have the potential of frizzing and becoming unmanageable especially at the roots if left untended and not moisturized.

Curly, Wavy Hair

This hair type requires a lot of moisture which is key to maintaining the curls, and thus the need to keep away from shampoos that have silicone since it hinders the hair shaft from absorbing as much moisture by coating it. Since adequate moisture to curly hair maintains, softens, and shapes the strands, a shampoo that has olive oil, glycerin, jojoba oil and/or shea butter. A shampoo with these ingredients will aid in smoothing and enhancing the curl retention as well as give the strands a shine.

Shampoos are built differently to fit diverse purposes, due to the different ingredients used in each of the shampoos creation. Choosing the right shampoo will ensure the right moisture and other needs for healthy hair is maintained, thus having hair that can be managed, healthy, silky and tangle free.


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