How to Add Volume to Thin Hair – 7 tips for you


Its reality that a large percentage of women struggle with thin hair issues and according to a survey carried out by L ‘Oreal Paris, thirty-nine percent of all women struggle with this phenomenon. Despite skinny being the fashion when it comes to wearing, to hair, it’s a NO. Thin hair can be blamed either on hormones, hereditary, age or even simply abusing the hair through neglect. Therefore below are a few tips and tricks that can be used to add volume to the thinned hair.

Massaging the scalp

It all starts with the roots and a good massage which should start in the shower with the right shampoo and should work miracles for any thin hair. This massage should cause a healthy circulation that will nourish the follicles and impact them positively. Therefore regular scalp massages will help plump up thin hair.

Massaging the scalp
Massaging the scalp.

Switching the part

If hair is always worn parted in one direction say the right, shifting this part to the left can serve to bring very positive results by plumping up the hair. This is made possible because of switching the sides the hair will lay, after lying on the same side for years or months, taking the same on an opposite direction, will be lifting the hair off the scalp thus giving it an appearance of more volume.

Adopting a wavy hairstyle or adding curls

This can be achieved by using hot roller and the bigger the rollers the bigger the curls you will get out of it and the more volume achieved. Once the curls have been achieved, a holding spray should be used to hold the same in place and let to dry before styling to one’s preference. This can also be achieved if a volumizing mousse is used, on the hair and it is then plaited into two large braids and dried thoroughly. When the braids are unfurled, a gentle run through with fingers will unveil lifted voluminous hair.

wavy hair
Wavy or curly hair always look thicker.

Use a dry shampoos

When dry shampoos are used on thin hair they help in volumizing hair together with the absorption of dirt, odors, and oils. By applying the dry shampoo on the root of the hair first while working it to the end, a lift me up effect is quickly delivered, when the hair is blow dried with the head upside down.

Use of the right products can serve the purpose of lifting or adding volume to the hair

This should begin by use of the right shampoo depending on whether your hair is dry or oily but also use of hairspray if in a rush and on the go. With a tipped head and sectioned hair, hairspray can be applied to the roots of each section and allowed to dry. After such treatment, fingers can be used to style the hair giving it more volume. Drying the hair can be achieved by use of a blow drier while lifting the section of the scalp by use of a brush. It is recommended to use small sections to afford more volume – since the smaller the sections the more volume achieved.

Use of hair extensions

When on the go, the volume can be added to the hair by taking the easy way out and using easy to clip in extensions. This should add instant volume to the style of hair chosen and within no time as well.

Use of cut and color

It is possible to get a volumizing cut to add volume to thin hair. The cut will come in different lengths and layer, unlike one lengthy hairstyle which makes thin hair appear thinner. The weight of the hair can also separate the hair to expose a lot of scalps – which can be avoided if shorter cuts or mid-length cuts are done with recommended layering to add volume and bounce to the same. Hair color can be used on the other hand to create a fuller effect if placed strategically. Different shades can be used or a single highlight at the tips to create a contrast thus causing a fuller effect. Hair color on its own also has the capacity to extend hair shaft slightly which will give the fuller effect desired.


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