How to Use Dry Shampoo Properly


The use of dry shampoo has been done by a lot of people for a long period of time. They use it in between washes or when they know that they do not have the time to wash and then style their hair. Dry shampoo can be a savior yet not a lot of people know how it should be used properly.

Here are some of the tips and tricks that will allow you to use it with ease.

Choose the type of dry shampoo that you are going to use

If in case you are confused about the type of shampoo that you are going to use for your hair, you need to make sure that you will only choose something that you can trust. You may want to research beforehand about the different brands of shampoos that are available. Look for the one that will best fit your hair type.

Know where you are going to apply the dry shampoo

One of the mistakes that people make is applying the dry shampoo all over their hair without realizing where exactly can the dry shampoo be applied. Dry shampoo needs to be applied to various portions of the hair but it must be applied part by part to ensure that all parts will be covered. You need to spray on your roots but you cannot place too much powder on your roots as this might make your scalp problematic.

dry shampoo
Apply to dry shampoo part to part of your hair.

Make sure that you will blend your hair appropriately.

You may need to flip your hair and make sure that various parts of your hair will be reached by the dry shampoo. If you would like to have more volume, you may want to flip your hair upside down first and then lightly blend the shampoo on the rest of your hair with the use of your fingers. You will let the shampoo reach the ends of your hair so that you can get what you need.

Do not place too much dry shampoo on your hair

There will be moments when you will be tempted to place a lot of shampoo on your hair. In fact, you may be doing this for as long as you first started using dry shampoo. Remember that when you put too much dry shampoo, you are building up the residue that you may have on your roots. Dry shampoo can be easy to place but hard to remove if you put too much on your hair.

dry shampoo to your hair
Do not place too much dry shampoo to your hair.

You have to wait for a while before the effect can take place

Unlike actually shampooing your hair that will only take a few minutes, using dry shampoo on your hair will take longer. If you feel that using dry shampoo will allow you to prepare faster, you may have to do it hours before you actually prepare to go out. You have to leave it on your hair for half an hour before you can shake it off from your hair. Use your fingers when you are brushing it out of your hair so that it will be bouncy and natural.

dry shampoo 2


Do not use it every day

You have to remember that you cannot rely on using this shampoo every day of your life. You need to make sure that you will only use it when you are in between washes. If you are going to use this every day without washing your hair with real and actual shampoo, you will not let your scalp breathe. Having an unhealthy scalp can make your hair weaker. You may also get other scalp and hair problems because of this.

You have to remember that using dry shampoo can be great because it will allow you to have great looking hair for hours especially on days when you know that you need the extra boost for your hair. Make sure that you have one ready in case of emergencies and at the same time, use the tips and tricks mentioned above to make the most out of using your dry shampoo.


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