HSI Professional Glider | Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Hair Straightener Reviews 2018


Searching for the right flat iron can be a hard task to do especially for women who would like their straightening irons to work as fast as possible. Some flat irons are priced expensively while there are also some that can work well for a fraction of other flat irons’ prices. These flat irons come with various features that may or may not be beneficial for you. With all of these choices in mind, how can you possibly choose?

HSI Professional Glider Reviews
HSI Professional Glider.

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Looking through various hair straighteners, you can probably check out HSI Professional Glider. This comes with a glove, pouch and a travel sized Argan Oil leave in treatment. What else can you ask for? Perhaps getting to know this product more will allow you to choose it over all the others.


The overall design of this ceramic tourmaline flat iron is very simple. You can expect that it looks similar to the other flat irons you have seen. It has a 7 feet power cord that comes with a circuit breaker. It also has a LED light that can indicate if the product is turned on or not. This regular sized flat iron weighs in at 1.5 pounds and can easily be bought for travel.


When it comes to the function of this flat iron, it does not only work to straighten hair. This can also be used to make the hair wavy and curly depending on how you would want to style your hair for that day. The 360-degree swivel cord will allow you to turn the cord all over and over.

Features of HSI Professional Glider

It is important to take note of its important features to help you decide if it is the best one for you or not.

  • 1 Inch Solid Ceramic Tourmaline Plates

The tourmaline plates that are powered by infrared technology will make sure that your hair will surely be straightened after a few strokes with the use of this hair iron.

  • 360 Degree Swivel Cord

It will be easier to move the cord around in order to make sure that you will be able to cover all parts of your head.

  • Heat Resistant Glove

You can be sure that you will not have any problems with trying to fix your hair as you can wear heat resistant gloves that will allow you to go hold your hair even when it is still hot. This will make straightening your hair faster than ever.

  • Adjustable Temperature

The temperature of this flat iron ranges from 240F – 400F. You can adjust it depending on your hair type and what you think will work best for your hair.

  • Worldwide Dual Voltage Compatible

It does not matter whether you are using 110V or 220V at your own home, you can use both and it will be beneficial for you.


  • Heats Up Immediately – You can expect that when you do not have much time to flat iron your hair, HSI Professional Glider can heat up immediately so that you will be able to make your hair straighter again in no time at all. The correct temperature for your hair will immediately become available.
  • Great for All Hair Types – While there are some reports that this type of flat iron can work well for fine hair, this can also be amazing to be used for all hair types.
  • Comes With A Lot of Items – This is intended to be used for travel. In fact, when you purchase this product, it will come with a lot of items that you can use with you to have good hair day every day.


  • Some Hot Spots – There may be some spots of the hair straightener that may heat up more than the others and this might cause some problems while you are trying to straighten your hair.
  • No Auto Shut Off – If you leave this hair straightener on and you even leave it plugged in then the items that are near it may burn down. If only it has an auto shut off feature, it would shut off after a certain period of time or if it gets too hot.
  • Comes Only in Black – If you are the type of person who would like cool looking or cute looking hair straighteners, you would find this one very basic. You may not like it that much as it only comes in one color.

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Probably one of the best things about HSI Professional Glider is the fact that it is affordable. You would see other hair straighteners that may offer the same features but this may be the only one that you will see priced reasonably that can give you the features that you are searching for. You can now transform your frizzy and dull hair to sleek or voluptuous locks that will surely be your crowning glory.


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