Mistakes When You Straighten Your Curly Hair


Straighten curly hair can be challenging. It takes time to do it right so that you don’t have frizzy hair. Sometimes even if you do follow the right steps you still manage to have hair that is wavy instead of that sleek look you were looking for. Here are a few mistakes to avoid if you want to turn your curly hair into a sleek straight look.

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Trying to rush

The biggest mistake anyone can make when trying to turn curly hair straight is to not give them enough time. The process should start with clean hair. That means that you need to wash your hair and condition it with smoothing conditioner. Take the time to make sure that the conditioner is worked into the hair is key to it working the way it should.

Once your hair is clean and conditioned, it is essential that you let it air dry. Blowing out soaking wet hair is going to against what you are trying to do. While it is drying, work in some heat protectant gel. You want to minimize the amount of damage that you do to your hair. Even if you choose to use a wet to dry straightener, you want to wait until your hair is mostly dry.

Not using the right straightener

The second biggest mistake that most people make is not having the right straightener for their hair type. Long thick hair needs a wide straightener. You also want to make sure that you have a ceramic or titanium plate. Do not get coated plates. Coated plates break and chip which will snag your hair and cause breakage. Breakage causes frizz. Even if you do have the right straightener, make sure that you keep your heat setting as low as possible. Using high heat for long periods of time, the amount of time that it takes to straighten thick hair is extremely bad for your hair. Aim for temperatures between 300 and 350. If you hear sizzling or see steam, your heat is probably too high.

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Not using the correct method

There is a correct way to straighten curly hair. The first thing to do, after it is dry, is to section it off. You want your strips to be about three inches thick. If you make your sections too thin it will cause too much of your hair to be on the plate at one time. It will burn your hair. If your sections are too thick it is going to take too long for each section to get straight. The result is that your hair is damaged by being on the heat.

Do not use a brush to straighten your hair. The way to straighten your hair, after you brush it, is to run a comb in front of the straightener with your other hand. Yes, it is a two-handed process. Running a comb through your hair at the same time will ensure that your hair is even and meeting the plate the way it is supposed to.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t want to start at the top of your head. You want to start with the sections on the bottom first. Begin about an inch from the top of your head. Bring the straightener down, slow and steady, behind the comb. If you want your hair to have a more natural look, leave the ends to curl slightly. When you are finished straightening your hair, apply some leave-in conditioner to the ends of your hair. This will help your hair to stay straight longer.

If you have to be somewhere early in the day and simply do not have time to put into a morning routine, you should try to put these tips into effect the night before. That way the next morning all you need to do is a little touch-up. It is possible to get that sleek modern look, even if you have unruly curls. The process may take a little work, but once you see the final outcome you will agree that is worth the extra effort that you put into avoiding common mistakes that seem to cause so many issues.


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