Remington S9520 Pro 2″ Flat Iron with Pearl Ceramic Technology Reviews


The Remington S9520 Pro 2″ Flat Iron with Pearl is made to provide a smooth yet controlled look on the hair and can be used to straighten hair for different stylings. The hair straightener comes with features that make it dependable, full of quality yet at an affordable rate.

Remington S9520 Pro 2

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The pearl infused plates which feature in the Remington S9520 leave a shine and silky touch to the hair which looks professionally done. This easy to use, yet light flat iron has the capacity to glide through the hair without any pulling and without heating in its hold area.

This hair straightener is known to offer a near salon effect due to the advanced technology used and is easy and light to handle.

Advantages of using the Ceramic and combining ceramic with pearls

By adding pearls together with the ceramic the performance is heightened further and the effect is much more than when only ceramic is used. The Remington S9520 has combined these two features thus ensuring not only the even distribution of heat but less snagging of hair. By using 15 times more ceramic with this flat iron, the Remington S9520 is much harder and can last eight times more than any of the standard models due to the capacitated scratch proof character.

The use of the pearls also affords a less turnaround time when heating and further aiding in maintaining of the temperatures as desired. The more ceramic used the better for the flat irons which are a standard. The technology used measures a seventy or eighty percent content and a layer coating of sol-gel based ceramic. This serves to double the effect and in turn improve the performance of the Remington S9520 in a big way.

Ceramic aids in heat distribution while enabling a constant temperature range in the flat irons plates. This feature is proving very essential since it ensures there are no hot spots. The ceramic function is also to ensure that the iron is able to glide effortlessly through the hair without pulling or snagging while flattening the hair cuticles to achieve a silky look. The plates are provided protection by the ceramics ensuring their durability and the Remington S9520 is protected from scratching and products used in styling the hair.

Remington S9520 Reviewed by Emma Roget

Pros of Remington S9520

  • The Remington S9520 heats up very fast to achieve salon heat of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The temperature is distributed evenly and does not fluctuate which enhances its effectiveness.
  • The flat irons pearl infused plates add a beautiful shine and silkiness to the user’s hair
  • The Remington S9520 glides smoothly through hair without the effect of pulling it
  • The achieved curls or straights from this iron stay in place until the next wash
  • The iron gives hair a smooth salon finish
  • It is an affordable yet quality product
  • The easy to use display digital dial requires the only use of the minus or plus buttons when adjusting to achieve the desired temperatures.
  • The temperature control-lock aids in locking at the desired temperature
  • The Remington S9520 poses a frame that fits easily and lightly in the hands of the user
  • The plates can be used effortlessly due to the provided generous lengths together with the width.
  • The shut off function which takes effect automatically after 60 minutes of idling, comes handy especially for people on the run who may forget to switch off the flat iron.
  • The hinge-lock makes it handy to store.
  • The long cord of the Remington S9520 provides for ease in maneuvering

Cons of Remington S9520

  • Difficulty in reading the display especially if held at sharp angles to the eye.
  • It isn’t international voltage, it’s 120/60V and does not work abroad.

Guide and Maintenance

The Remington S9520 comes with a manual that details on its use and a proper understanding of the working of the same are essential. By following the laid down guidelines, the shelf life together with it performance is achieved as well as proper maintenance of the flat iron.

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The Remington S9520 hair straightener, with its 15 times more ceramic and eight smoother glides than any other hair straighteners, is a product that is created using the good technology to offer the good performance possible. This straightener beats all odds and should be a preferred product by anyone seeking quality coupled with affordability.

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