How to choose the best hairstyle for any shape of face


Getting a new hairstyle can be quite a challenge for many people. What may look good on one person may not look good on another. If you want to change up your current hairstyle, here are some tips and tricks that you can use to get the best cut for you.

Face Shape

One of the biggest factors in whether a particular hairstyle will look good on you is the shape of your face. For example, what looks good on someone with an oval face may not look good on someone who has an oblong face or one that is heart-shaped. Here is a quick look at what each facial shape is. Later, we will discuss which styles look good on each shape.

  • Round Faces

Round face
Round face.

These faces are about as wide as they are long. A round face reaches its widest point at the cheekbones and narrows slightly at both the forehead and the chin. A round face shape will have a rounded chin and will not have any hard angles

  • Oval Faces

Oval face
Oval face.

These faces tend to be wider in the forehead region than they are at the chin. This is a long face shape. If a person has an oval face shape they will often have a face that is about one and a half times as long as it is wide. Often, this is considered to be the ideal facial shape and the one that looks best with the widest range of hairstyles.

  • Square Faces

Square face
Square face.

These faces tend to be as wide as they are long but, unlike a round face, on someone with a square face the chin is flat or square and the jawline is very strong and angular.

  • Heart-shaped faces

Heart shaped face
Heart shaped face.

For someone with a heart-shaped face, their forehead and cheekbones will both be quite wide. Their face will then taper down to a jaw that is quite narrow and a pointed chin.

You can tell what shape face you have by pulling your hair back and imagining a line that runs around the outside of your face. If you are still having a hard time telling which is the facial shape you may want to speak to a stylist so that you get an accurate assessment.

You need to take the length and texture of your hair into account as well. Some cuts will look best on people with straight hair while others need a bit of waviness or curl to the hair in order to get the best look.

What to ask your stylist for:

If you are dealing with a stylist that you trust, here are some possible styles you will want to suggest to them based on the shape of your face:

  • Round faces need styles that will make them look longer. Cutting the hair in graduated layers or cutting it with a razor will help achieve this goal as well. You may want to think about finding a way to make your hair wavier or curlier as well.
  • Square faces need styles that will help soften the jawline which is often quite prominent. You may want to find a style where your hair is parted on the side or where there is more body or depth. Again, using waves or curls will make it easier to add this feeling of the body.
  • Heart shaped faces will always look best with styles that are layered. You want to make sure that your shortest layers do not go up past your chin. Styles that call for hair to be pulled back tightly are not your best choice. Bangs are a great choice for people with this facial shape as well.
  • Oval faces tend to be the easiest to work with. The widest range of hairstyles will look flattering on people with oval faces since there is no one area of the face that is out of proportion with another. For individuals who have oval faces, heavy bangs are about the only thing that you need to avoid

Taking the time to show your stylist what you like in a style and what you do not like can increase your chances of being satisfied when you walk out of the salon.

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